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Neradote tinkamos spausdintuvo kasetės?

Printer cartridges – our specialisation. Write to us and we will try to find the right one cartridge as soon as possible.

You can withdraw your printer cartridges from the online store for FREE!

  • If the ordered cartridge is in our shop, take it 2-3 hours (stores are valid during work) – an additional fee of EUR 5.00 for fast ordering for withdrawal is applied in the shop.
  • If the goods ordered online are not currently available, you will be able to withdraw the order free for 1-3 business days.

For more information, see the Free Recovery page.

You will always be informed by SMS (short message) or by e-mail about the finished item for withdrawal by mail.

You will find us:

UAB “Printeka”
Savanorių pr. 56, LT-03135 Vilnius
+370 691 80000

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